EntreArts is a hybrid internship that combines the love of the arts with the education of small business start-ups. Interns are chosen from high school students that live, work, volunteer or attend school in the City of Compton. 


UEC partners with Compton Proud Apparel, a locally owned clothing apparel shop, specializing in screen-printing and tee-shirt designs. 


For our 1st Cohort our EntreArts interns were charged with the challenge to create two tee-shirts that they will design, print, research, budget and market to generate at least $6,000 in sales; tee-shirts must exude positivity about the City of Compton.  Interns will earn 33% of each tee-shirt sale and could take home a minimum of $600 each in cash and prizes before the internship is completed.


EntreArts intensive hands-on training is held for 50 hours over the course of 2 months.  Classes are taught by local small business owners and entrepreneurs.  A grant in the past has been provided by Southern California Edison to fund this city-wide outreach to create art and employment for young people.

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