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Welcome to Houses of STEAM

Have you applied yet? We still have a few more spots for your family! Application information can be found HERE!

ALL PROJECT KITS & SUPPLIES ARE FREE! You can pick them up or have them delivered.  For our 1st project, we strongly suggest that you JOIN US in person during Orientation.  We will be practicing social distancing at all times and will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns.

All family homes that are a part of the Houses of STEAM program will receive a project kit each month filled with the supplies needed to complete the project. Guided instruction will take place virtually on Zoom every week on Mondays for 1 hour and will be recorded for you to watch later, if necessary. All Houses of STEAM will watch the class virtually (on a computer or other device)  and receive instruction and resources to build their projects. If families do not have a laptop, UEC will provide them with one to use. Every House of STEAM will have access to the instructors on Mondays for class (5-6pm) and Fridays for office hours (5-6pm) in case you have questions. We encourage your entire family, neighbors and friends to join your House of STEAM.  Teamwork makes the dream work.  We encourage all Houses of STEAM to present their projects to our online learning community. APPLY TODAY.  ONLY 20 SPOTS. FIRST 20 HOMES ACCEPTED. October 2020 thru May 2021. In-person Orientation is Friday, October 9th @ 5PM Virtual Orientation is Friday, October 9th @ 5:15PM FREE Classes every Monday starting October 12th @ 5PM

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